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Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The crowning jewel of London’s 8 royal parks, Hyde Park is a beautiful stretch of open fields, woodlands and manmade river just a 5 minute walk from the Park Avenue Inn London. The park boasts hundreds of years of history, dating back to the reclamation of Westminster Abbey’s land during Henry VIII’s Reformation of the Monasteries in 1536. Though this beautiful park is a far cry from the private hunting grounds of the Tudor period, its history still echoes through Hyde Park’s monuments and amenities.

Hyde Park’s attractions include the protest rallying point of Speaker’s Corner, a landmark that speaks to the city’s celebration of free speech, the famous Marble Arch now to the northeast of the park and the Serpentine Lido, an open air freshwater swimming pool built into the side of the Serpentine Lake. With its cafes for breakfast near Paddington, sculptures and playgrounds, Hyde Park is a hub for locals and tourists at hotels in Paddington London.Visitors can easily reach Hyde Park from the various tube stations on its borders. These include Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch, which serve the Piccadilly and Central Lines respectively. The park is open from 5am daily but closes at different times throughout the year due to the many events and festivals that take place on its premises.

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