7 Essentials to Pack When Travelling to London in Winters


Winter is here and London is a dream holiday spot at this time of the year, brimming with festive cheer, aromatic seasonal food, and a line-up of unmissable events. If you are travelling to London in winter, you must prepare well for the weather. It starts by packing winter-suitable clothing and accessories for a smooth experience. Start by reserving a stay at one of the luxurious hotels in Paddington London for an impeccable holiday experience and read through this essential winter packing list to start planning!

Winter Coats

A winter coat is an essential piece of outerwear that must be on your winter wear list for London! It’s one of the easiest ways to stay warm and look well-dressed without putting in much effort. One great option is to wear your coat with a sweater and compliment it with your favourite pair of tailored pants, so, don’t forget to invest in this super-versatile piece of clothing for your winter London trip.

Woollen Dresses

Wool will always remain one of the most trusted fabrics for the winter season in London. Make sure to pack as many woollen clothes as possible, however, a woollen dress can be a classy yet comfortable piece that you shouldn’t forget! You can pair these dresses with any available outerwear and create a stylish look while staying warm whether you’re heading out for a scrumptious breakfast near Paddington or a festive event during the evening.

Winter Boots or Trainers

Winter in London is the best time to go sightseeing and gaze at the gorgeous views with the chilly air touching your hair! Winter boots are essential to keep you warm and help you explore the city comfortably. Ditch the high heels and opt for calf-length or knee-high boots! You can also go for your comfortable walking shoes or trainers for a safe option.

Leg Warmers

For the cold London nights, be sure to rely on leg warmers to keep you warm throughout the day. Not only do leg warmers look appealing but also keep your legs warm as you pair them with any outfit. These warmers will come in handy even if you’re planning to stay indoors in your comfort-filled single room in Paddington or head out for some sightseeing. Get a few pairs in your favourite colours and don’t forget to pack this essential item!

Gloves or Mittens

Just like your feet, your hands need warmth too. A winterwear essentials list for a London holiday is incomplete without mittens or gloves. There’s a vast variety of gloves and mittens that you can choose from and pair right to give a fun twist to your outfit while staying warm all day long!

Waterproof Jacket

London’s weather is quite unpredictable so a good waterproof jacket is a must to prevent getting wet. A water-resistant jacket will also help you stay warm and dry while looking great. This way, you also won’t need an umbrella everywhere you go!

Winter Caps

The weather in London tends to get quite windy, so make sure to pack some beanies and woollen caps, to keep your head warm. If you’re looking for something more fashionable, go for a classic woollen beret instead of the regular beanies.

Make sure to pack well and have a great time soaking in the wintery vibes and breathtaking views in London for a holiday to remember!